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Watery Depths
Just a rough gif showing an underwater route in Atlas - It's actually a lot smoother in-game!
Some of the characters you see here are actually players, but I disabled the nametags!

-ignore the female player you wont be able to visit the sea like this when it's finished!
Teamwork by Kyle-Dove
I made little icons for everyone I work with to use as our instant messenger icons and desk nameplates!
Shimm Zhimm Salashimm by Kyle-Dove
Shimm Zhimm Salashimm
Magic Box Pokémon
Psychic Type

Ability: Magician

"A magic box brought to life by a magician. Pulling out the dagger from it will kill it."
Designed by NachtBeirmann

Split Box Pokémon
Psychic Type

Designed by NachtBeirmann

Trick Coffin Pokémon
Psychic Type

Designed by NachtBeirmann
Atlas Starter Finjoy by Kyle-Dove
Atlas Starter Finjoy
Clown Pokémon
Water Type

Ability: Torrent
Hidden Ability: Magician

"They like to go where people are, and are often found on busy beaches. To entertain, they love doing tricks with beachballs and creating bubble shows."
Designed by me.

Mage Pokémon
Water / Psychic Type

"It is just getting to grips with its psychic powers, making it unpredictable and dangerous to be around. They have developed the ability to teleport to avoid capture."
Designed by me & zerudez

Wizard Pokémon
Water / Psychic Type

"One of the most intelligent pokemon in existence, they exhibit an extreme psychic ability. To avoid being seen, they create complicated illusions and psychic barriers across the sea. Starfish are attracted to the psychic waves emitted from it's brain."
Designed by me.

Grand Wizard Pokémon
Water / Psychic Type

Ability: Magic Guard - The Pokémon only takes damage from attacks.

"By utilizing a coral staff, they have complete mastery over the element of water. A Starfish attached to its frontal lobe focuses its psychic ability."

Designed by me.

Which Water starter would you pick? 

1,494 deviants said Caimar >> Damasoar (Water/Ice) Ignore this it will be deleted by Kyle-Dove
740 deviants said Watuber >> Chambrawl (Water/Fighting) This will be deleted - ignore by Kyle-Dove
537 deviants said Finjoy >> Gandolph (Water/Psychic) Atlas Starter Finjoy by Kyle-Dove
526 deviants said Liqueel >> Emporeel (Water/Electric) This will be deleted - ignore by Kyle-Dove
139 deviants said Pumpel >> Hydromedary (Water) Atlas Starter Pumpel by Kyle-Dove

Which Grass starter would you pick? 

905 deviants said Fawnlora >> Forelk (Grass/Rock) Atlas Starter Fawnlora by Kyle-Dove
748 deviants said Nawdile >> Razorvile (Grass) Please ignore - will delete - Sprites by Zerudez by Kyle-Dove
623 deviants said Baneep >> Phoenan (Grass/Flying) Please ignore - will delete by Kyle-Dove
500 deviants said Scurley >> Bramboom (Grass/Ground) Please ignore - will delete by Kyle-Dove
192 deviants said Instick >> ??? (Grass/Bug) Atlas Starter Instick by Kyle-Dove

Which Fire starter would you pick? 

1,437 deviants said Scorchet >> Regalient (Fire/Dragon) This will be deleted - ignore by Kyle-Dove
886 deviants said Barkindle >> Wolverize (Fire/Dark) Ignore this it will be deleted, sprites by Zerudez by Kyle-Dove
327 deviants said Ruflame >> Slymander (Fire) This will be deleted - ignore by Kyle-Dove
249 deviants said Bunfin >> Rupsen (Fire/Steel) This will be deleted - ignore by Kyle-Dove
105 deviants said Vulkidna >> Ekiama (Fire/Poison)This will be deleted - ignore by Kyle-Dove
Mega Altaria - DRAGON/FAIRY woo yess this guy is so cute but I'm a bit dissapointed no rainbow or rain or anything

Mega Lopunny - finally a mega for a regular pokemon, this guy is AWESOME. I love love love the ripped tights, and normal/fighting is a perfect fit!

Mega Salamence - beaaaautiful! I don't understand the people hatin on it, it's a really awesome mega! I love the giant wings and how the body has like tucked into it now. The old wings were always strange so these are much better.

Mega ???? - Does no one else think there's another mega not leaked yet? The megas seem to be on a circular page layout grid with 4 quadrants, there should be one more under Altaria?

like below;
retukGH by Kyle-Dove

Contests - ehh, I hope there's more costumes than that. May looks cute but brendan doesn't even look like him. Looks like the other contest girl will have Altaria, which makes me wonder if you can mega evolve in contests...Or maybe she'll be the one to give you altarite once you beaten the beauty master rank or something...


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MegaLordCharizard Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
i like your fakmon a lot ^^ 
CeaSanddorn Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Is that a real game and how can I play it ?! it is also for Computer ?!
CoozyAyuna Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Those pixelsbunneh icon1 
gyaba Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  New member
Your pixel art is really great because of how clean your works are executed!
Pokegem Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
I love you!
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Pokegem Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
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Care to bid in my Fakemon Auction for some... Fakemon?
Pipsqueak737 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
Hey Kyle-Dove, how can I play your game?
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