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Fish are friends (Commission)
Disclaimer: This is a commission created by my friend Coonae! This is the last for a bit!
Design is by me, based on reef fishes, butterflyfishes, sunfish, and accessories.

REEFAM ( Reef + Family )
Water Type
Pointer Pokemon

There is always one leader and two followers. The followers are completely dependant - should they lose their leader, they will wander aimlessly and starve.
Two forms have been discovered in the Oceane region.

APPENDASH ( Appendage + Dash )
Water Type
Accessory Pokemon

It travels for miles across the ocean seeking beautiful fish to attach to its body. If it loses its group of followers it will grow incredibly weak and die out of vanity. The followers will put their lives on the line to defend Appendash.
Siphonores (Commission)
Disclaimer: This is a commission created by my friend Coonae! Expect more every day this week!
Design is by my friend, inspired by siphonores and portuguese man o' war!

( mine + minus + plus + us )
Chain Pokemon

Whilst drifting on warm currents they will often bump into others, their psychic power drawing them together and getting stuck. The longest chain ever found had over 100 individuals!

SIPHONOWAR ( Siphonore + portuguese man o' war)
Merged Pokemon

Since merging, their psychic power is tripled - but now finds itself prone to sudden mood swings. A touch from one of its fingers is enough to see all your memories and thoughts.
Come out of your shell (Commission)
Disclaimer: This is a commission created by my friend Coonae! Expect more every day this week!
Design is by me for first two, and the final is by Coonae, based on sea slugs, sea butterflies, sea shells and actual butterflies.
These are my early bug line for Océane!

SWIRLSEA ( Swirl + Sea )
Bug / Poison Type
Sea Slug Pokémon

Swirlsea can untangle their head tentacles and use them to wrap and strangle their prey. Although their venom is still weak, their barbs are as bad as a bee sting.

SPIRASHELL ( Spiral + Shell )
Bug / Poison Type
Sea Shell Pokemon

Spirashell rapidly spins in place and buries itself into the sea bed to wait for evolution. Sometimes they are dug up by collectors, only to suffer a nasty sting.

SEALESTIAL ( Sea + Celestial )
Bug / Poison Type
Sea Butterfly Pokemon

It moves gracefully like a dancer but also has a dark side. After stinging its prey and paralyzing it, it proceeds to slowly swallow it alive.
Welcome to Oceane!
I've been keeping this to myself, but for a long time now I've been working on my second region!
This region is called Océane (French for ocean) and is set completely under the sea.

Yes you read that right. Completely underwater!
I'm having fun with it and subverting the usual rules and tropes.
Ie. the early bug is a sea "slug", the early bird is a "parrot" fish, etc.

Please keep in mind, I've had to vary the types quite a lot to avoid a pure water type dex!
Also, just because something lives *in* water doesn't necessarily mean it can control water or use water type moves.
That's like saying all land pokemon breathe and live in air so they should be flying type!

All of my latest submissions are all part of the Oceane dex.
Thanks for sticking around if you're reading this!
I would rather go naked than wear fur (Commission)
Disclaimer: This is a commission created by my friend Coonae! Expect more every day this week!
Design is by me, inspired by fur seals, seal clubbing, fur trade, belugas, Inuits and beluga scarring.

SWEAL ( Sweater + Seal )
Normal Type
Sweater Pokemon

Sweal spend most of their entire lives sleeping. The coat covering them starts off white but darkens as they age - it is extremely soft and highly sought after.

FLEEZER ( Fleece + Freezer )
Normal Type
Fur Coat Pokemon

Fleezer slam their heads against ice to break it up, their silky coat absorbing the impact. The value of Fleezer fur was once so highly prized that they adapted to life in the icy seas to escape predation.


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I've been following Kyle for over 3 years now ...

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Amazing art man!
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Hey, I have been watching your sprites and they look extremely good. They look like they came out of bw itself. How would you like to help with a fangame? Sorry to bother you.

Just join the discord…

Yeah, sorry for this. its kinda demanding but i really need spriters and yours look exceptionally good
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How do you make your sprites?
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